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Ridden: SRAM Force CX1

We've had chance to put our Sram CX-1 groupset through the muck, and we've got our first serious impressions of this cross specific, 1 x 11 groupset.


Video: Cross Curious?

Heard the chat, seen the pictures but still not that sure what cross racing is about? This video from Radio 5 Live could explain everything.

Ridden: Secret Training Race Day Kit

"Shower in a bag" micro-fibre towels and are a perfect lazy man's alternative to a shower after a soggy commute, and thats just the start with this Race Day kit from STRIP.


Pinnacle Arkose Two 2015

We've spent a bit of time on board the Pinnacle Arkose Two now, so what are our thoughts on this Byway Bosher (tm)?

Cyclocross Album by Cyclephotos Presents: Koppenberg and Zonhoven

Welcome to CABCP: Koppenberg and Zonhoven. This weekend saw a warm and fast double header. Equal prize money for men and women at the Koppenberg Cross followed by the hell of sand that is Zonhoven. Koppenberg Ellen Van Loy was almost attacked by a dog in the first lap, the dog’s teeth missed her ankle […]


Received: Pinnacle Arkose Two

Dubbed an Adventure Bike by the designer, and a Byway Bosher by's tester, the Pinnacle Arkose Two promises to be a whole heap of fun - whatever the designation




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