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Ridden: Fizik Volta

Stealth bomber looks, from the lightweight and rounded Fizik Volta saddle we've been perched upon for the last month or so. what did we think? Read on..


Rated: STRIP race day kit

Inside The STRIP Race Day Kit, there’s an aladdin’s cave of lotions, creams and gels. We've been rubbing, wiping and generally trying out the good for the last few months, so check out the thoughts.

Received: Fizik Volta saddle

Saddles are very personal things, they either fit your, er - bones, or they dont. We've got the latest Volta from Fizik to test. Who will it fit?

Ridden: Transition Rapture frame n’ fork

We've had our Transition Rapture frame for a while now, and it has been up on the moors, ridden in 'The Valley' and most places in between. Check out what we thought so far.

Rated: Wheels Outboard BB Convertor

We had high hopes for the wheels manufacturing BB Adapter set we've been running all cross season. did it stand the test of time? Have we finally found a BB30 bottom bracket to love?


Merlin Cross bikes break cover

It would appear that the mail order wizards have been cooking up some new drop bar spells, and this time, they are for getting dirty. Check out Merlin's first ever cross bike - the X2.0

Ridden: Pedros cleaning kit

We've been putting our Pedros cleaning kit through its paces over the last month or so, and we've got enough of an idea to give you our first impressions.

Received : Ritte Crossberg Frameset

Bright Brash and hailing from LA, via Belgium and the far East, the Ritte Crossberg certainly grabs your attention. We have just had a test model land and we've got the lowdown before it hits the test loops.


Received: MET Stradivarius Helmet

The MET Stradivarius Helmet has landed on our doorstep, and we're looking forward to it protecting our head for the next several weeks as we test it.




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