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Fizik Aliante R3 K:ium Saddle

'Aliante' literally translates from the Italian, according to Google Translate anyway, as 'Glider' (could be Kite, but we won't quibble) - does the new Fizik Aliante live up to it's name? We do some riding on it to find out.


Ridden: Bontrager Affinity Pro TLR Road Disc

"Strong, Light, Cheap. Pick two". Then add 'pretty' and 'versatile' and you've got yourself a sweet package - We give the Bontrager Affinity Pro TLR Road Disc some road and trail time.

Ridden: Fizik M3B Uomo MTB

We've been getting all fiz-i-kuhl with the Fi'zi:k M3 Uomo MTB shoes - Olivia Newton-John would approve I am sure.

Rated: Gore Baselayer

Gore's Base Layer Shirt has been through the full test procedure now. Check out the full review for the lowdown.

LoveCrossed: a different sort of cross race

Yes the race season is nearly over, but there are a few events left over, and one well worth checking out is LoveCrossed, and not just because the team will be there giving away free beer...


Ridden: Specialized Terra Pros

We've had a bit of trail and track time on the Specialized Terra tyres now, so check out what we thought of the cross rubber.

Rated: Pedros cleaning kit

With a winters worth of racing and riding doing their best to break the DOACC bikes, we've been keeping the 'UK Slop and Grime' at bay with this tranche of Pedros soap and slip stuff. Check out the full review.



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