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    I’m thinking of trying to get away for a long weekend in Belgium in December. The idea would be to try and watch some ‘cross races and combine that with some Christmas market shopping and sightseeing to appeal to my wife as well. My first thoughts were Brugge or Ghent
    We live in North Devon and would be happy to drive or fly.
    Anyone done something similar or have some suggestions?
    Perhaps Jeff, this could be a magazine article?



    The closest I’ve done to that was going to the Tour of Flanders and riding the sportive a couple of times. A really nice weekend, in a part of the world that I wouldn’t normally have opted for. (Isn’t that always the way with cycling?) We drove – not a problem other than having a useless navigator who couldn’t pronounce the town names*. It’s really not far from the ferry ports.
    The towns we stayed in, Oudenarde and Ninove were small and quiet – seems to sum Belgium up in general. Not a huge amount to see, but we went to Ypres, the Tour of Flanders museum, and tried to go in to Ghent but my brother traumatised himself by driving on to a tram-only route and then wouldn’t go further.
    I’ve been meaning to visit again for years and in fact my wife was up for a visit to one of the big cross races this winter but we just haven’t had time.

    *the navigator who couldn’t pronounce Belgian names was me!



    Hi guys,

    Never realised this is how you could comment on blog posts.

    The 2 “famous” weekends are the RVV weekends as Jon describes and the combination of the Gent 6 Day on Friday or Saturday night followed by the CX race on Sunday morning before the mad dash to the ferry. Last year it was Koksijde – which is perfect for the boat – but I’m not sure if that is the case every year…

    I can thoroughly recommended the 6 day but man you ll have a sore head the day after if you want a ride. ;). Gent is a great place to visit!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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