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    Arrived yesterday 😀
    Only read a few pages so far but it looks brilliant.
    The news in the Letters from the Editor section is fantastic. I look forward to many more years as a subscriber.
    Keep up the great work



    Mine arrived yesterday too, one day delivery!

    I set up my hammock in the garden and had a quite read. Great stuff. I was going to carry on today where I left off, but it’s raining now. Boooo!

    Keep up the good work Fellas.



    Postie just delivered mine. I’ve browsed through it while eating cake and drinking tea. (Does life get better?) Looking forward to reading it properly.



    Smells so good.



    The Annual is awesome! All arty and nice-smelling – like a Howies catalogue, but full of interesting reading and more pics of riding bikes!
    I was expecting it to be the same size as Singletrack, but I do like the smaller format – more like a book.



    Smells so good.

    Ha, I’ve got a truly terrible sense of smell and even I could smell this when I unwrapped it. (In the space of ten minutes I had this delivered, the new Louis de Berniere hardback to sniff read and a new wheel for the mtb. Which I didn’t sniff. I licked! 🙂 )

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    We’re really happy you like it as much as we do 🙂

    And yes, we are really excited about adding print to the subscription too. We’ll have more news on how that’s all going to work in the coming weeks but it’s likely to be a similar model to Singletrack ie. Digital only or Print & Digital as your options. Digital for everyone and print for those who want it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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