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    Really enjoyed the first Diary piece, reflecting in many ways my own commute across suburban Edinburgh. Who knew it was CX (just without the lashings of mud)?

    Curious to know whether the riders are running CX tyres or regular road rubber? I switch between the two, depending on which route I want to take. I’d be curious to see what other urban CX riders do…




    Hi Gareth,

    glad you like our strange take on city life; it does have its up-sides – at least after going dizzy riding around Regent’s Park you can get a decent flat white to straighten you out!

    Both me and Rachel stick with wide (25mm) road rubber for our commutes through London; there’s so much broken glass (esp. when you get south of the river) that something that has an anti-puncture breaker belt all the way under the tread is really what you need, unless you want to get really good at fixing flats fast (and in dodgy bits of town!).

    We have just moved out into the countryside this week, though, so we’ll keep you (and everyone else) posted with how things change now that we can ride off road!

    Chris (half of #DOACC)



    I bought some 28mm Conti road tyres for my ‘cross bike for some Belgian cobble fun and haven’t looked back. So much comfort, great grip and a negligible weight gain.


    I rode much of last winter (and the winter before that) on Conti SuperSports – nightmare to fit, a little weighty, but grippy and utterly bulletproof (and this was the clincher for me, if you’ll pardon the pun). I ditched them when their shoulders resembled a mid-80s episode of Dynasty…

    Currently I’m running a pair of Specialized Houffalize as I’ve modified my route to work to take in some fairly rough off-road stuff and most of the cycle paths I use are laden with ‘leaf-jam’ right now. The Rubinos I used over the summer are grippy ion the wet, but not great on leaf-jam.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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