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    I have just created a calendar with as many Cyclocross based events from Sportive to Gravel races, but not including 1 hour races around a field! (there are plenty of places to find out about those!)

    If you look at the Agenda view you get the full list for the next 12 months
    Hope it helps some people plan their year

    Here is the HTML version

    Here is the iCal format



    Thanks Capt.
    Very useful devise.
    I guess this will need to be updated as new events come about.
    Could I recommend http://cycleclassics.co.uk/white-roads-classic-sportive/
    in a more gravelly vein?



    Thanks John, and yes please keep adding events to this thread and I can update the calendar so that they will all appear.
    I have now added it to my android phone calendar and it even has the map of the race location, the website hyperlink and each race series is colour coded, so if anyone wants to add the full calendar to their own calendar (which you can toggle on and off out of sight) then this is the link here, would be glad to hear anyone’s feedback to see if it works for you


    ps Those 3 events look great and now added to the calendar



    What a great thing this is.! thanks



    This is awesome – thanks. Below are the ones I have seen/am doing/interested in.

    Maybe a bit late to update but there is the ‘Hell of the South’ next Sunday 4th and also the Yorkshire True Grit.

    October there is the Dirty Reiver training and prep weekend.

    Lastly 3rd December Gravel grinder cyclocross Dorking.



    Cheers – this is good.

    Not quite gravel but it is a three cx race – Monster Cross- it’s this weekend 11th Sept at Catton Hall.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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