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    Hi guys, so this is our new theme.
    I’ll be honest and admit that there may be some bugs still around but we are not only working to find and fix them but at the same time bring you new functions and settings.

    You may notice that some content stories are missing. Don’t worry, they are all coming back. That’s a manual process of reformatting and then republishing. Over the next few days they will all be back in their new places.

    I’ll keep you updated as to how we are getting on.

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    looks good



    Far better UI on mobile that over on STW. Can you make the STW UI the same??? Hamburger menu works better, forum selection works better, forum listing works better.. etc….



    I need to give a careful answer to that. Singletrack is a huge beast where the slightest change can make a dramatic an costly difference to us and so it needs to be done very carefully. Singletrack is also far more complicated under the hood than almost anyone outside the office is aware of. There’s more than just a website down there. It hooks into banking systems and direct debit systems as well as multiple other payment processors. Then there’s the subscriber database api’s that connect to banking operations as well as a couple of third party service providers. And more..

    But that said, what you see here is also the start of planned roll out of uniform services. It won’t look exactly the same as this but the underlying systems and tech will be running on the same ‘stuff’. The recent design changes to ST were principally to comply with the urgent requirement that it be mobile friendly, as that’s where the majority of traffic comes from. But work on ST3 has already started 🙂



    Well, sorry to be Mr Grumpy, but I’ve logged in here for the first time in a while and it’s now pretty much unusable on iPhone. Pretty much the same as STW but with different bugs.

    STW “works” on iPad, but not on iPhone.



    What browser are you using?
    It works fine on all the browsers and devices we are testing with here in the office.

    On ST there has been a 15% increase in traffic month on month since we activated the mobile theme with pretty much all of that coming from mobile users.



    My personal site seems to have died, just a matter of waiting patiently for reformatting and publishing?



    We are looking into that now.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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