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    Is this a thing yet? Do the usual SS rules apply (pedal, pedal harder, get off & push)?
    I’m thinking of something like a Genesis Day One Disc Cross, what would the maximum tyre size that I could fit? I’m hoping to run 40’s…



    Always been a thing. Quite a few bikes out there that you can run SS. Bang in a Rholof chain tensioner and you can run whatever you’d like SS. I ran my Cutthroat SS for a while that way.

    Advice would be chose your gearing wisely.


    Just to hijack this thread…I’ve rediscovered an old bike of mine living in a cupboard at my mother’s house (I’m 42 btw!). It’s a cheapo steel-framed affair with 27 1/4 inch wheels (Emelle Clipper GT, bought at the local Co-Op as I recall). I’m thinking it has a future as a single speed wintery/gravelly hack for commuting and mucking about on.

    Are these conversions as easy as I’ve read online? You just ease in the 700C rear wheel and adjust (side pull) brakes?



    Could be, although you may need shorter drop calipers. Try it & see!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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