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    Has anyone else had problems keeping a SRAM CX1 rear mech working properly? I’ve had a recurring problem shifting up through the gears on my Planet-X XLS. Shifting down (to lower gears) works fine, but there is too much friction in the cable to allow reliable shifting back up again. New cables make it better, but after a couple of races and few bike washes, it all jams up again!

    I’ve tried re-routing the cable along the top tube. I had read that it was the routing inside the top tube that was the issue. But this hasn’t solved it. I’ve also tried the most expensive teflon-lined cables. They didn’t help either.

    My other bike with CX1 (a Ridley) works fine.

    Any suggestions?



    Does this use split cable or full length outer? While full length seems counter intuitive (the more outer the inner runs in suggests greater friction) it would limit ingress of crud into the cable? Do you run a gator at the rear mech where the inner emerges? I have no experience of the bike or group. Just suggesting the ways to minimise contamination. Which you may well have already tried. Best of luck.



    I’ve resorted to robbing the parallelogram spring from a 9spd Shimano XT shadow mech, then fitting that in my Rival 1 mech. It’s been so much better, I’ve even had reliable shifting in the mud of Hit the North.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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