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    I bought a pair of the on-one Midge bars but currently have plain drops of my Trek X02 that I have beefed up for off-road stuff – I dont tend to do much cyclocross races

    I’m hoping to do the Wiggle Gold Rush and the event in Llandovery and wondering about changing my bars over.

    Does anyone have a preference for longer events and more mountain and trail rather than grassy fields or “gravel”?



    Hard to say…
    My GT Grade has 14 degree flared bars and while they’re nowhere near as extreme as Midges, I have mixed feelings about them.
    For slow rocky, technical, or fast sweeping descents they are absolutely awesome. They really give you confidence to push it a bit, knowing you’re in control, stable and can hold your line easily. I love the slanted position of the brake levers for climbing on the hoods too – either seated or standing.
    What I’m not keen on is the feel of the drops when riding on the road. I find the wider stance not that comfy for long periods and honking or sprinting from the drops feels odd – like the steering has become very vague and I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but they feel like there’s a lot of flex in that situation.
    I did a load of off-roading in Snowdonia in August and loved the bars for that. Now I’m back home, most of my miles are on tarmac and I’m considering getting some compact road bars, but worried that when I take the bike properly off-road again, I’ll wish I’d left the Droptunes on. :-S



    Depends on if you want to faff around changing bars all the time too.

    I’ve Woodchippers on my Ti Fargo – love them for MTBing and long off road tours. I’ve Bella Laps on my UJC, love them for CX and road riding. The other way round, I don’t like them. The Woodchippers felt bad for CX/Road when you need to get out of the saddle on the hoods and gun it – spacing is too narrow. BL’s are fine for off road, but no worse than any other flared drop.

    Now, why not have a look at the Cowchipper which is right in the middle of the two (sort of). Currently waiting on a set for testing, will let you know how I get on with them.



    I’ve Bell Laps and Cowbell 3s. The Cowbells are more comfortable for racing on and for road use. I had been tempted by some Midges but ended up going for less flare with a pair of Carnegies on the singlespeed.



    I swapped my Droptunes for some FSA compacts at the weekend. Did 77 miles yesterday and found that I can comfortably ride on the drops for a decent length of time now.
    Very pleased with them, but I do miss the quirky looks of the flared bars!
    Not tried the new bars off-road yet.



    Initial thoughts on the Cowchipper -very nice feel compared to Cowbells, much more “normal” than Woodchippers, less odd than Belllaps.




    Must have swapped my DropTune flared bars to road compacts and back at least four times now!
    Just can’t decide which I want to live with!!! LOL!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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