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    Cameos = unsafe. …

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    X ray and MRI are not really an option. The first is to cameos to use in public, the second AFAIK there is no handheld version MRI machines weigh in the realm of tons)

    I suspect US (ultra sound), or a pair of this x-ray specs you used to get in comic books

    • Cameos = unsafe. …

    • Motors have magnets in them so it’s probably something as simple as a gaussmeter which can detect a magnetic field.

      • One wonders if you could get a false positive with some nice strong magnets…..hmmm.

    • Ultrasound not really an option as it needs a constant contrast medium to travel through. We tried it in the lab a few months back 🙂

      As others have said, MRI and X-ray not viable in this enviroment – both for public health and cost reasons. Let alone physics we regards to MRI.

      It’ll be something along the lines of a wall stud meter -…[Read more]

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