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  • ThumbnailIn a converted paper mill in the center of Antwerp, Belgium sits the headquarters for Lazer Sport, purveyors of popular cycling helmets of all shapes and sizes. Where giants vats of pulp were once pressed and […]

  • ThumbnailAll good things must come to an end. The White Chalk Hills Ultracross is good, thus it’s coming to an end. 31 December will see the last running of this epic event in East Sussex.

    If you haven’t registered yet, […]

  • ThumbnailAfter the success of the inaugural Dirty Reiver this past April, the organizers have wisely, and thankfully, made plans for the 2017 edition. And its registration is now open.

    The event kicks off early on […]

  • ThumbnailWords and photos by John Herron

    Set in scenic Stage Fort Park overlooking Gloucester’s outer harbor, the unofficial “New England World Championships”  draws big numbers of both spectators and racers.  This was […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Book Release: Mud or Glory, No.1, on the site 1 year ago

    ThumbnailIf you’ve seen the just-released issue 009 of (which is available now!), you’ll notice the fantastic cover image, shot by Brazo de Hierro of Spain. In addition to the cover photo, he also has a great image […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Moments, on the site 1 year ago

    Words by Chris Klibowitz. Photo by Emily Maye.
    The physical act of riding a bicycle is pretty boring. Turning pedals over and over is so automatic that it requires little thought. “It’s like riding a bik […]

  • A Ranchland Scramble Comes Out Well Done
    Words and photos by Will Ritchie.
    I’d wondered about it for years. Even unsuccessfully tried it. Bumbled my way into a forced turnaround—a scolding that didn’t even […]

  • The Story of the Back to Basics Midweek Cyclocross Series in Golden, Colorado
    The Back to Basics (B2B) Cyclocross Series is a Wednesday night series in Golden, […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Review Review, on the site 1 year ago

    We’re trimming the fat to bring you more meat to chew on.
    Words by Chris Klibowitz.
    “Laterally stiff and vertically compliant…” is a phrase that will get a groan from most folks across the bicycle industr […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Crossing New Boundaries, on the site 1 year ago

    The inside story of Rapha’s London Super Cross
    Words by Duncan Moore. Photos by courtesy of Rapha and Jo Allen
    Rapha has always done things a little differently, and it’s proven to be a very successful str […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, The Gravel Agents, on the site 1 year ago

    Stepping out of the comfort zone, and onto the dirt roads of the Alps.
    Words by Beth Hodge. Photos by James Corlett and Beth Hodge.
    I’m sure we’ve all been there, sitting in an interview being asked the typ […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Cycling in Cowboy Country, on the site 1 year ago

    The wonderment begins where the pavement ends.
    Words and photos by Dan Seaton.
    There’s a scene at the beginning of Back to the Future Part III where Doc is preparing Marty to travel back to 1885. Marty is d […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, The Last Saturday in April, on the site 1 year ago

    Seeking fish, adventure and friendship on two wheels.
    We straddled our bikes in silence atop a bridge, staring down into the dark […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Drink Better Beer, on the site 1 year ago

    Ah yes, the post hoc ergo propter hoc advice that tells you that you’ve gone too far. Like that time yo […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, The Bums Will Always Lose, on the site 1 year ago

    A reflection on the first (and only) Belgian Singlespeed Cyclocross team.
    Words by David Alvarez. Photos by Djuli Bravenboer.
    Racing cyclocross in Belgium. Sounded like a great idea. I mean this was the […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Sidelined, on the site 1 year ago

    The sting of sitting out one ‘cross season isn’t so bad.
    Words and photos by Robert Grunau.
    I bunny-hop the curb onto the sidewalk and turn onto the gravel path that will carry me away from the rows of […]

  • jeff wrote a new post, Perspective, on the site 1 year ago

    Thumbnail[PER-SPEK-TIV] – NOUN – The state of existing in space before the eye

  • jeff wrote a new post, Community, on the site 1 year ago

    Letter from the Editor
    Words by Jeff Lockwood, editor,
    Photo by Bill Lockwood
    We started this magazine not as a quick money grab to capitalize on the growing cyclocross and emerging off-road […]

  • Thumbnail3 Peaks Come down

    I’m on a post 3 Peaks come down. Not only am I broken and generally feeling rubbish, I also find myself feeling a little lost.

    This race and the community that surrounds it has completely […]

  • ThumbnailBy Robert Annis Photos by Kent Baumgardt.

    Papa John’s Niki Dallaire made it two victories in a row Sunday, while First Internet Bank’s Ryan Knapp made a triumphant return from injury to win the Ohio Valley […]

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