• mark wrote a new post, Issue 1 Available In iOS App Store, on the site 3 years ago

    ThumbnailIssue 001 of is now available in the iOS app store for all subscribers. The Android version is currently still being worked on and will be available in a few weeks.

    It’s very late (about a month) […]

    • So, is there a download option like on stw for those of us who’ve subscribed and who want to read the mag but don’t have Apples?

      • mark replied 3 years ago

        Once we have our App in the Android store then each issue will be available for the vast majority of devices from phones to tablets. Reviews and other features from each issue will be published on the site for subscribers shortly after each issue is published in the app stores.

    • OK not trying to make a big fuss about it all but while we were waiting for Apple to mess around you told us “The system we use publishes Android apps at the same time as iOS.”.

      In this article it’s now a few weeks which isn’t really the same thing.

    • mark replied 3 years ago

      Yes indeed, that was the case at the time that was posted but due to the same technical issues that have delayed the launch of the iOS version the Android version is now a few weeks away. Again, I can only apologise for the delays.

    • All looks good – well done for getting issue 1 out there!
      Sometimes having to wait for something makes it even better – seems to be the case.
      Look forward to continued content on web and app, better than anything else!

    • mark replied 3 years ago

      Thanks Ben. Pretty sure that issue 2 will run a bit smoother 🙂

    • Downloaded to iPhone 4S but keeps crashing after flicking through a few pages. Will try this evening on iPad 3 and report if that is more stable.

    • Not available on ios5. 🙁

      • Hi @Thomthumb,
        Sorry. That decision was largely made by Apple who have made it more difficult to develop for devices running iOS 5 and below. It is possible, but as iO5 and below make up below 2% of iOS users, most developers consider it to not be economically viable.
        I presume you are running either a 1st Gen iPad or a 3rd Gen iPod Touch? Later devices can be upgraded.

    • thanks patrick. tbf, i never expected it to be ios5 compatible – i was surprised when i read, “all ios” devices this morning. Good reason to get a new ipad i reckon…

    • Further update: works ok on iPad 3

    • benji replied 3 years ago

      Is it going to be released in mobi format for kindle the same as singletrack? Is this disparity between who gets to read the issue only going to be a problem with the first issue?

    • mark replied 3 years ago

      Hi Benji,
      I can promise you this is launch gremlins and future issues will run much smoother 🙂

    • Hi, sorry to hassle you all again but is there any update on the Android app? As much as I love the new world of mobiles and tablets I find it hard to understand why you have not made issue 1 available to view online through a browser window as well. Not as a PDF file but as pages hidden in a restricted members only area. Looking forward to seeing the issue soon, I hope.

    • Hi Ben @jake25
      We have!

      It’s still a work in progress but take a look.

    • cheers 😀

    • Seems weird that I can’t download the magazine to my Mac computer as opposed to an iPad or iPhone, will have to wait for the Android version to be released.

    • @thatdeafguy Were you wanting to read using your Mac off-line?
      If you have an internet connection you can read on any web browsing device (including a Mac) here: