oliver Payne

  • Really wanting to go and cheer on a mate who has just been told he is racing…

    …but we’re stuck in Loughborough without a car! Is anyone coming down from up north and driving down Via the M1 and got space for two? 😀 We’re friendly! (but our friends will know where we are going so don’t try to kidnap us! 😉 )

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    Can the shifters be run in friction mode? I’m in the process of building a bike that will be taking multiple wheelsets, some with 9 speed cassettes an some with 10 speed, I’ve tried it with shimano bar end shifters (nativeley 9 speed) and it worked great but would prefer to have them ease on these!

    • james replied 3 years ago

      Yes – the 10spd rhs shifter can be switched to friction mode and the lhs shifter is friction mode.

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    since I’m about to go and get my cx bike ready for it’s first outing in about 2 months, I suppose I should post on here to get approved!

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