Eurobike 2014: Argon 18 Krypton XRoad

Argon 18 has had cyclo cross bikes in development in the past, but for one reason and another, these have been shelved. The Krypton XRoad made it a lot further than the drawing board, and was launched here at Eurobike.


Argon 18 Krypton XRoad

Rather than a pure cross bike, Argon 18 wanted to make more of an all round bike. A disc brake road bike with some extra capacity, if you like. The show bike was built up with 32c ‘cross file tread tyres and had more than adequate clearance for everything except brutally muddy races. Its BB is lower than a traditional cross bike, and the wheelbase and fork height are far more road than cross. 

Carbon layup is tweaked a little in comparison to its calliper-braked cousin – the Krypton – for a bit more compliance in the stays, and to resist the different brake forces disc brakes will apply, but the target pricing is similar – so we can expect to see this frame come in at around £1000 in the UK.


Like all Argon 18 bikes, the headtube length is adjustable with the ‘thread-in’ 3D Headtube system


Curved stays have a revised lay up vs the calliper brake version – comfort and braking stiffness.


Clearance is pretty good even with 32c cyclocross tyres

We await information of this (and US pricing), and what exact full builds may be available but its certainly likely to fit in with Argon’s usual value-led pricing strategy.

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  1. inthe7 says:

    I’ve owned an Argon 18 cx bike for more than 3 years, they just stopped making them for a while.

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