Bell Star Pro

Eurobike 2014: Bell Star Pro Helmet

The Bell Star Pro helmet may have been created to sit atop the heads of Tour de France riders, but that doesn’t mean it’s the exclusive domain of professional roadies. Cyclocross racers and other gritty riders will appreciate some of the unique features offered by the helmet. Bell Star Pro

The helmet was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible (Bell even tested it in a wind tunnel) while also channeling lots of precious air about the head. While we’re not too concerned with its aerodynamics, the helmet’s air management system is kind of cool (pun intended). A small lever at the back end of the top of the helmet allows the rider to easily and quickly open and close all the air vents on the helmet. This is nice for hot rides and races, but the closed vents also act as a sort of weather protection shell when you’re hub-deep in the slop at a rainy or snowy race.

Bell Star Pro

Bell Star Pro vents: Open!

Bell Star Pro

Bell Star Pro vents: Closed!

Bell worked with Zeiss, and eyewear company, to cleverly integrate a removable Zeiss eye shield into the Pro Star. A magnetic tab sits at the top of the eye shield, which fits into a slot under the front of the helmet where it stays put. Don’t need the shades? Easily pull the shield out with one hand, turn it upside down and slap it right on the top of the outside of the helmet where that same magnet allows it to remain until you need eye protection again.

Bell Star Pro

A handy magnet allows riders to place the unused eye shield on the outside of the helmet.

The Star Pro retention system is a low-profile affair with straps that sit closer to the face thanks to some sleek adjustment tabs. The low-profile nature of the retention system helps aerodynamic integrity.

Published weight for the Star Pro is 280g. Retail pricing with included Zeiss eye shield is: £199/€250/$280. This lid will be available mid-October.

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