Eurobike 2014: Blackburn Outpost luggage

Blackburn Outpost HB Roll

The main hub of the Blackburn bag range comprises of the HB roll and the Seat Pack. Both use a two piece design of a harness and separate stuff sack. The stuff sack are made of a seriously water repellant rip stop nylon (they should keep out a lot, but don’t claim to be fully waterproof). Roll top closure  should also keep most insects and dust out. The design is such that on arrival at a camp, the harnesses can be left on the bike, and the stuff sacks removed. This should simplify bumbling campsite reloads.

Extenal straps allow for plenty of extras and the harnesses are also big enough to use with other brands’ dry bags – should you want to fully weather-proof your goods.


Outpost Seat Pack

The HB roll attaches to the bars with a Nifco clamp, rather than direct attachment, so there is far more room for your hands than on some bags we’ve seen, and it means that it can be quickly removed should you need to take the whole lot away in more urban areas.


Outpost Seatpack stuff sack

In addition to the Front and rear Outpost bags, there is a Outpost Top Tube bag. This is pretty much a larger version of a triathlete’s Bento box, but would allow you to have snacks and essentials close at hand. For water, gas cylinders or other beverages contained in large diameter vessels, the Outpost Cargo cages fits to bottle bosses and acts as a mini rack on which you can lash ‘essentials’.


Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cage


Blackburn Outpost Top Tube bag, (and Rangers’ flip flops)

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  1. 1speedlos says:

    Nice to see a larger company getting into bikepacking kit. This should bring down cost barriers to entry into backcountry bikepacking!

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