Eurobike 2014: KTM Canic & Revelator

Canic CXC


The Canic CXC is KTM’s cyclocross entry for 2015.

KTM, the Austrian company that produces all sorts of pedal- and motor-powered two-wheeled vehicles, is no stranger to the world of cyclocross. In the 1970’s, Austrian Walter Obersberger won four Austrian national championships atop a KTM bicycle. Over the years, a true cyclocross bike quietly left the KTM lineup, but it’s back for 2015.

KTM Canic Cross

Resplendent in matte orange, the Canic CXC features an integrated seat post clamp.

The Canic CXC is a full carbon fiber cyclocross rig with some nice touches that speak to the fact that KTM is not messing around with their ‘cross offering. Immediately noticeable is the integrated seat post clamp, which creates a very clean design aesthetic and also offers a bit more comfort because more seat post is extended from the frame. The rear wheel is situated with a 12mm through-axle, while the front wheel uses a 15mm through-axle. The disc brake calipers meet the frame with a low-profile flat mount system.

KTM Canic Cross grit.cx

That would be a 15mm through-axle.

Internal cable routing helps keep things clean, and plenty of tire clearance abounds. A tapered head tube and a pressfit bottom bracket give the Canic some nice stiffness. KTM also put its proprietary FrameGuard material in strategic areas of the frame to protect the precious carbon from unpleasant damage.

KTM Canic Cross grit.cx

Revelator Sky

KTM Relevator Sky grit.cx

KTM shows they are on the gravel train with the Revelator Sky.

Sharing the pedestal with the Canic cyclocross bike, which is front and center of the KTM show booth, are two versions of the Revelator. While it doesn’t seem to be specifically marketed as a gravel bike, we can assume they are letting people know it’s a bike that can get dirty.

KTM Relevator Sky grit.cx

The Revelator Sky features a 12mm through-axle and lots of tire clearance.

Its gravel-readiness is apparent by the fact that its ample tire clearance is obvious when viewed from a distance. Upon closer inspection, its disc brakes, carbon fiber frame and internal cable routing tease show attendees that this bike needs to be ridden away from paved roads. KTM Relevator Sky grit.cx

The Revelator Sky shares some design features with its cyclocross sibling, such as the integrated seat post clamp, FrameGuard protective bits and beefy through-axles. KTM says the Di2 version of the Revelator Sky weighs in at just over eight kilograms, while the bike with an Ultegra build is just under eight kilograms.

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