Eurobike 2014: New road through axle standard hiding in plain sight?

Digging around at Eurobike, we’ve been trying to find out whats new, but also what may be coming in the near future. One of the best places to find this stuff is on the booths of Taiwanese frame and fork manufacturers, and thats exactly where we came across a new set of numbers: QR12

QR12 Axle, with QR15 for reference.

Very simply, the manufacturer told us it were asked to help produce a lighter version of QR15. We were told of a couple of very major players who will be using this new size axle in the very near future. With weight savings of 30-35% are easily achievable, and smaller hub bodies possible, this is one standard that could quite possibly be coming to a bike near you soon.

We’ll be watching this with interest.


Weight comparison for QR12 and QR15

Weight comparison for QR12 and QR15

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  1. guitarted says:

    Uggh! Really? How about QR DT Swiss Ratchet? Already works with what we’ve got rather than creating a whole new set of hubs/wheels that riders would have to buy……….OH! Wait- Nevermind.

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