Eurobike 2014: Orange RX9

“If it ain’t broke” – it’s a mantra thats worked for many people over the years, and Orange has taken this to heart with the ‘new’ RX9. Rather than completely redesign, it gets subtle changes based on feedback from people who have ridden and bought the original.


The updated Orange RX9 cross bike

For this year, the top tube has a slight tweak, loses a few grams, gains a bit more shape and runs a new internal cable with rattle proofing stuff. Cable guides for the gears also run under the down tube now, allowing for a roller-free front mech, no matter what brand of gears you use.

Talking of gears, Orange now has two options on the RX9. The Sora equipped bike shown for £899.99, alongside a Tiagra version that runs a carbon bladed fork instead of the rather industrial alloy one fitted here. The upgraded model will hit the shops in September (Orange said with crossed fingers) and we’ve pencilled one of the carbon forked options in for a test when they do arrive.


New shaped top tube also runs with internal cables


Roller-free front mech thanks to the down tube cabling


…alongside the discs, the RX9 allows mudguards to be fitted easily


Plenty of clearance on the curvaceous RX9 rear end

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    Down tube cabling might chafe a bit on the way up Simon Fell.

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