Continental’s Sport Contact 2 all rounder

Eurobike 2014: Continental Sport Contact 2 – multi condition tyre

While ‘gravel riding’ may be a a bit of a misnomer for UK riders, the idea of tackling varied terrain on an all-road drop bar machine is gaining traction with bike and component manufacturers here at Eurobike. To that end, German rubbermeisters Continental have a file-tread offering in the form of the Sport Contact 2.

Continental’s Sport Contact 2 all rounder

Much like a centre tread on a ‘file tread’ ‘cross tyre, the small knobs should offer a decent level of grip on semi loose surfaces – but nothing overly extreme. Where it differs from a traditional ‘cross racing file tread tyre is in cornering. Rather than having defined side knobs, the bastard-file tread is likely to offer a far more regular feel as you lean the bike. Rolling resistance on the black top should also be far better than a more aggressively-treaded gravel tyre. It will be available in four sizes from 28 to 42, all with 180 TPI, and as soon as we get the confirmed pricing and weights, we’ll be updating the story.


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