Storck T.I.X.

Eurobike 2104: Storck T.I.X.

Storck T.I.X.

Storck, from Germany, brings a touch of class to cyclocross.

Marcus Storck is known for making some very high-end carbon fiber road and mountain bikes. Recognizing the recent growth of cyclocross and gravel riding, his Germany-based company has released a cyclocross rig for 2015 that features Storck’s fancy touch.

Storck T.I.X.

Storck also makes the fork and bars on the T.I.X.

The sleek and sexy carbon fiber T.I.X. (short for ‘This Is Cross’) has all of the usual cyclocross accoutrements: an oversized head tube for extra stiffness; disc brakes; internal cable routing; and a flattened top tube for more comfortable shouldering. But Storck goes beyond the usual by including some other interesting features. Most noticeable are the water bottle mounts on the down tube and seat tube. While racers might not be a fan of bottle mounts, they are quite welcome for those of us wishing to ride rather than race.

Storck T.I.X.

Strong and secure, but wheel changes won’t be quick.

A 31.6mm seat post won’t be the most comfortable thing for long, gritty rides, but its stiffness will certainly appeal to racers. Instead of quick-release skewers, Storck decided to use thru-axles. While that decision adds another level of stiffness, you’re going to need a 5mm hex key for wheel changes.

Storck T.I.X.

While the T.I.X. might not be a pure race machine, it will surely be plenty capable inside the course tape. It will also be a very attractive option for discerning riders looking for a rig that can take them off the road.

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  1. chipps says:

    Electric drill with a 5mm bit? I’ve seen it done for Fox thru-axle forks – replace the QR with a big 8mm bolt and equip your pit crew with electric drills 🙂

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