Feral Cat Cross – a different sort of event

Feral Cat Cross

When the organisers couldn’t find a venue for their White Chalk Hills cross race,, rather than just give up, they decided to do something a bit different – and The Feral Cat Cross was born.

Styled loosely on the urban bike messenger Alley Cat races, where competitors choose their own routes between checkpoints, the Feral Cat Cross will have a starting point, a finish line 20km or so away, and a number of control points where you’ll need to collect tokens / badges and a few where you’ll need to complete a task. Not only will these give you a bit of an idea on the route, but they’ll also add an element of entertainment to the days proceedings.

This all goes down on Sunday October 19th, and starts a few hundred meters from the seafront outside the Velo cafe in Level Park, central Brighton.

There’s some more details over on their website, with more to come as the team behind the event firm up things.

We certainly plan to attend, and will be pouring over the relevant OS Explorers (122 and 123) to get more acquainted with the steep escarpments the route will inevitably cover.


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  1. jakethesnake says:

    I like the sound of this, point to point CX racing.

  2. tripster67 says:

    Sounds great, Used to love the alley cat races and love cross so a perfect mix for me. Local as well

  3. tonicflo says:

    Sounds great ! I’ll probalby take the ferry boat from France to do this race !

  4. Did something similar in Lille, France last November…. singlespeed, monstercross. TBH it’s a TrailQuest really isn’t it 😉 Great fun.

  5. editor says:

    It is in fact a short trail quest – although the Ron Hill and Marin count will probably be lower.
    Beards are likely to be running at a similar ratio though….

  6. blixa says:

    Positive comments, thank you.

    If you do intend coming along then do let me know – mark@velomorpha.cc

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