Rapha Cross Series accesories

Eurobike 2014: Rapha Cross collection

Rapha launched their whole cross range at Eurobike, and the vast majority of it is now in stock and available.


The range has a consistent motif running through it, consisting of elements or colours from the popular Super Cross Race Series Argyle pattern. We saw the colours feature in the Cross Shoes we posted last week and as you’ll see various degree’s of the bright diagonal cheques appear dependant on the garment.


Supercross Jersey

Rapha Super Cross Jersey

With a full print of the argyle, the Super Cross jersey will certainly stand out on the bike. Previous offerings were based on the Pro Team jersey and Rapha has decided that a better value jersey would be more appropriate for cross racing. Brambles, twigs and the inevitable crash will take their toll over the corse of a season, so this years £85.00/$120 Super Cross jersey used a lower spec fabric but maintains the form fitting panels. The result should be a decent fitting jersey that doesn’t make the eyes water so much when it starts to look tired at seasons end.


Long Sleeve Cross Jersey

Rapha LS Cross Jersey

The longer sleeved jersey is a far more subtle garment. The argyle is limited to Rapha’s signature single sleeve stripe and internal collar detailing. The colours are echoed in the quilt effect stitching detail over the shoulders but the muted grey should offer better protection against a winter of grime. Its worth noting that the long Sleeve Cross Jersey is not designed as a winter jacket, but rather to replace a short sleeve and arm warmers, or as a warm up layer. The fabric is very light and breathable (it’s the same fabric used on Rapha’s short sleeved Lightweight jerseys) so ideally suited to the short sharp efforts and high body heat cross riding often generates. £140/$215 will see one in your possession.


Accessories and extra’s

Rapha Cross Series accesories

In addition to the jerseys, there are a few other items that can be added to the cross fans collection. On the bike, the toe and heel reinforced socks will set you back £20.00/$30 a pair and will cover the appropriate amount of calf to satisfy this seasons fashion police. The Super Cross cap does what all caps do – shows allegiances. If you’d like to do just that, this antibacterial tape lined head cover will also set you back £20/$30. For some off the bike luxury, you can even look dashing in diamonds with the Cross Merino Scarf. Jacquard knitted from 100% merino wool (of course), it should offer some comfortable extravagance to keep the wind off your neck whilst munching frites and heckling. It’s likely to fit in quite well down the pub too. £50/$75 and it’s yours.

As we said most of the cross goodies from Rapha are available now, and those that aren’t are due imminently. Rapha.cc has more details and stock info and we hope to be getting our test products in pretty soon too so we’ll be letting you know how the stuff fares.




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