It’s a subscription Jim, but not as we know it

You can now buy yourself a subscription right here..

Prices are just £15 for an annual access package or £1.50/month.

So what do we mean by ‘access package’? 

Well, a subscription to gives you access to a range of digital extras that go way beyond just a digital magazine. Subscribers get instant access to an ad free website for starters. But there’s a lot more coming for our subscribers than just that.

Here’s a selection of screen grabs from our mobile phone version of the digital mag.


Issue 1 of will be available to download around the 1st October for iOS and Android users via our App. We will also be publishing each article right here on the web too exclusively for our subscribers. So no matter how you decide to access your subscription, be that on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, magazine will be available to you however and whenever you like.

Also available exclusively to our subscribers will be the option to create your very own personal web page/blog right here on and better still, if you publish something that we think is awesome, we’ll highlight your post on the front page of the site for the world to see. Roll out of that feature is scheduled in the next couple of weeks.

We also have dealers lining up to offer our subscribers special deals and discounts and subscriber exclusive reviews are being written up as we type this.

Subscribers can manage their subscription accounts right here on the website giving you total and instant control of the payment options. Controls for everything from activation, cancellation to reactivation are all easily accessible from your registered user account.

Issue 1 of will be available via our app but you will need to be a subscriber before you can download it. While you have a live subscription you will be able to download any and all issues regardless of whether your subscription is for 1 month or a whole year.

Setting up your subscription is easy. Just have your chosen payment card to hand and go to our subscription page.

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I’m the publisher here at and also over on our sister publication Singletrack

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