Received: GripGrab Winter Cycling Accessories

Funny boxes and packaging always get our attention, and we’re looking forward to spending some time with the products themselves, just as soon as we’re done revving the box.

Grip Grab Re1

GripGrab has supplied a sample of nearly every one of their new winter product lines – from hi-viz skull cap, a range of gloves, overshoes, arm and leg warmers to socks – and they couldn’t have arrived at a better time in readiness for that low pressure system looming over the Atlantic. Don’t worry, we’ll have a lot more of the product to show you very shortly but for now, you can find full details on the brand from their website, and keep an eye out for a bunch of Ridden and Rated articles as we work our way through the products.

A little bit about the Danes.

GripGrab is a Danish company founded in 2000 by brothers Kristian, Martin and Bjørn Krøyer. The company has a full range of gloves and accessories for cycling and running to cope with those delightful weather conditions that we, here in northern Europe, are subjected to – wet, windy, freezing cold, GripGrab profess to have something in their product armoury to cover it.



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