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Planning a big adventure is always fun, but sometimes trying to find something a bit different from the obvious can be a bit tricky. We were recently pointed at this website, and it was such a visual revelation, we just had to share it.


bridleways inset


To sum up the site, its a visual representation of the entire UK’s bridleway network (it may not be a super up to date as the latest mapping software in places). When you look at the UK as a whole, it shows how much access the adventure minded cyclist has to paths and tracks away from the black top. When you factor in that ORPA’s RUPP’s and BOAT’s aren’t necessarily included the mind can be boggled at the options that present themselves.

So, anyway, have a dig around and explore. Let us know if you find anything and make a plan for an adventure you didn’t know you could do – we’ve certainly found some interesting options.



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3 Responses

  1. graeme says:

    That looks pretty handy.
    I never realised that there was so many bridleways in the ares I normally ride!

  2. stato says:

    Interesting but it misses out a lot of the other type of routes available to us (and often not on google maps), byways. You can download a map of the rights of way for most regions from here and upload it to google earth for a more complete picture.

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