Milton Keynes World Cup Cross gallery

Well, its over, and it all happened – it wasn’t just a dream. If you were there, you’ll know what an amazing day it was, and if you weren’t, you certainly missed out! Yes, the Milton Keynes UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup was an absolutely resounding success.

We’ll be posting a bunch of stories over the week from the event, the first of which is this gallery from the lens of Joolze Dymond (check her other work here). We’ll have some racing pics soon enough, but for now we’ll start with nearly 40 shots that go some way to express the electric atmosphere that (a claimed) 10,000 spectators create.

If you’ve got some pics you’d like to share, get in touch at or create yourself a thread over on the forum. We look forward to seeing them.

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  1. mombee says:

    The Milton Keynes World Cup event was our first experience of cyclocross – what an amazing time. It like a Tour Of Britain stage or the London Nocturne, but with mud and (probably) more passion. It’ll be good to get to another regional event (south-west league in Bristol or Bath?) over the next month or so, to see how those events compare… Overall, cyclocross sold to the man and boy (age 13) who previously thought that mud was for mountain bikes…
    We pulled together some pictures and video at…

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