Caminade Vélo Gravel bike launched

Caminade Velo is not a well known name here in the UK, but they have just told us about a Gravel bike they are launching. We love a bit of Dirty Drop-bar Goodness here at, so we thought we’d share something with you, dear readers, thats a bit out of the ordinary.

Caminade Vélo1

Like all Caminade Velo frames, the Gravel is built in France. The steel tubeset is a mix of Columbus and xxx tubing and all the current ‘on trend’ boxes are ticked. A 44mm headtube will fit your tapered steerer fork, and oversized tubing nicely. A 142×12 through axle rear end should keep the rear of the frame in check – sadly its only available with a QR fork at present –  and the joints are all silver brazed and filed smooth in the manner usually reserved for NAHBS contenders.

Its a strange mix of the ultra modern with some old school construction, and the final aesthetic splits the office in terms of lovers and haters.€2000 for a custom painted frameset (with neat stencilled graphics under tough lacquer) for a frame and Columbus fork, its not cheap, but it one of the three sizes fits you, its certainly likely to be the only one you see on the trails that day.

Caminade Vélo2

Check out the Caminade website for some more info.

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  1. somafunk says:

    Wow!….. A truly unique frame design that necessities a 2nd water bottle placement on the down tube for direct crud catching….and bolt through rear end, yet a qr fork design?. Go back to the drawing board and come back when you are allowed to play with pencils rather than crayons

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