Received: Kinesis Tripster ATR

Received: Kinesis Tripster ATR

Every now and again, a bike comes along that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you go “Wow! I want one!” Judging by the level of interest and genuine passion generated by this thread over on Singletrackworld, it looks like the Tripster ATR could just be of those bikes.

Kinesis Tripster3

Featuring a beautifully crafted, disc specific titanium frame mated with a bespoke carbon fork and the ability to run a 40c tyre with mudguards, the Tripster ATR is Kinesis’s answer to the eternal question of one bike to rule them all. Designed to be equally at home whether on the race course, touring, sportives, big days out or on off grid adventures far off the beaten path, the Tripster is destined to be my long term tester and will be pressed into service in a number of guises including (clears throat and whispers hoping nobody hears) racing! Watch out for a Ridden review appearing over the next few weeks followed by a Rated review once I’ve properly put it through its paces over the coming months.

Written by: Sanny – Scottish Correspondent


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