New Scott Addict: now with thru-axles and discs

Scott’s Addict ‘cross bike is a popular choice on UK shores, and the brand chose Sea Otter to debut its most recent incarnation.

scottaddict01 - Copy

So far, so black.


We want this one!

In keeping with a major theme of the new bikes on show in California last week, it features thru-axles and disc brakes, and Scott claims that with a stated frame weight of less than 1,300g, the new Addict is the lightest “disc brake-optimized” ‘cross bike on the market.


Disc brakes and thru-axles – like wot it says on the tin.

Frank Oberle, Scott’s road and ‘cross product manager, said: “While developing the Addict CX we thought outside the box: removable front derailleur hanger, chain guide option, ergonomic tube shapes that facilitate carrying the bike and mudshedding chainstay shapes make this bike a rather complete package!” Sounds like some interesting thought has gone into how the bike’s likely to be used, and future-proofed. Hopefully we’ll be getting our hands on one in due course – and hopefully it will be the dazzle camo version!

scottaddict03 - Copy

Neat blanking plates for internal hose/cable routing.


Handy for home mechanics.


(Racing speed not included.)


Cool as a cucumber.

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