Trek Recall QR & Disc Bikes

Trek have today issued a recall notice for all users of Trek bikes that use a Quick Release skewer in conjunction with a disc brake. With disc brakes appearing on road bikes and most CX bikes now that could add up to quite a lot of bikes.

The issue appears to be with a QR lever that opens far enough beyond the 180 degree mark that it could potentially foul the rotor on the front wheel. It’s not difficult to imagine the consequences of that if you happen to have forgotten to close your QR and you are riding along.

Trek do point out that if your QR is done up correctly their is no real risk of being flung over the bars, but who hasn’t set off riding only to have your riding buddies point out the flapping QR lever you forgot to do up.

This illustration from the recall notice explains what could happen.

Trek are keen for everyone to ride safe and get their QR replaced at their local Trek dealer and as compensation for the trouble they are offering every affected owner a $20 voucher to use against any Bontrager gear up to the end of the year. For UK owners the voucher will be worth £15 and European owners will be offered a €20 voucher. But for now, read the full notice below and check those skewers!

Trek announced the recall on their Twitter account @trekbikes and invited questions from anyone who may be affected.

You can read The Full Recall Notice here.


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