UCI: “No U-Turns.”

According to a Twitter post by Adam Myerson (USA ‘cross rider for Cycle-Smart ) the UCI have banned ‘u-turns’ in ‘cross races.
Twitter Adam Myerson
On the face of it that’s obvious, clearly you can’t go the wrong way round any course, but at stake here is layout detail.

Whats in the trash are those dramatic dead turns where riders end up hand-slinging round the last pole in the tape.

Via an email to organisers in the U.S. it seems the men in blazers are insisting on a triangular layout at the end point forcing a smoother transition round any 180 degree turn.

Whilst the formal regulations themselves don’t seem to have been updated this change of specification (or perhaps interpretation) has generated a degree of chatter.

Will this be the norm, it might mean some major changes for those classic euro courses?


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2 Responses

  1. chipps says:

    But that was the clinching factor in last year’s worlds! When Sven cocked up a 180…

  2. tang says:

    BC were encouraging triangles to us last season. As well as smoother line, if a tape went down on a corner during the race the course would still be marked until a Marshall could deal with it. Unfortunately during the meeting the diagram drawn looked a bit rude and we kept getting the giggles.

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