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Eurobike 2015: Brooks Cambium C-13 and other goods

A lighter, racier Cambium, plus steampunk as only Brooks can do it.

Stepping into the Brooks booth always feels like entering an enclave of timeless sophistication. (No, I’m not biased.) But that does not mean the brand is not in touch with modern technology. The latest version of the Cambium saddle, the C-13, sports carbon fiber rails under its racy 130mm-wide profile. (It also has its own hashtag: #backontherivet.) The narrower shape and carbon rails help make it truly racing-light at 259g. Its rivets are smaller than those of its siblings and have been recessed on the underside, making the undercarriage resemble that of a high-performance sports car.

Brooks Cambium

Brooks Cambium B-13.

Brooks Cambium

Light and racy. Mind the tape so as not to damage the carbon fiber.

It’s a great addition to the Cambium line, which has been popular with riders who often go out in the wet and mud since its rubber-and-canvas seat material is waterproof; these models also do not need as long of a break-in period as traditional leather saddles.

There’s always been a bit of a steampunk thing going on at Brooks, what with all the 19th-century materials. A couple of collaborations blend this style with precise German engineering: Ergon GP1 grips with leather surfaces (naturally breathable), and Lezyne Femto front and rear lights with copper-toned anodising.

Ergon Grips with Brooks

Ergon GP1 grips with Brooks leather covering.

Lezyne lights with Brooks.

Lezyne Femto lights with coppery anodising by Brooks.

A favorite of the crew was this hand pump with brass fittings and an old-fashioned liquid-filled compass embedded in the end of the handle. Comes in either a black or tan grip.

Brooks hand pump.

Classy Brooks hand pump.


Brooks Hand Pump

A compass in the handle for proper navigation.

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