Eurobike 2015: PEdAL ED Clothing

Stylish and functional clothing for casual-to-serious rides.

PEdAL ED’s line of understated and classic clothing is the result of a fusion of Japanese and Italian design expertise. New for this year a long-sleeved version of the popular Kaido jersey (bottom layer on model), made of a blend of Merino wool and polyester for the best of both worlds: wool’s wicking and feel and polyester’s durability.


The Kaze Access vest’s membrane (on top) is remarkably stretchy, housed in a comfortable mesh outer layer. It packs in its own rear pocket, and there are slits to access the jersey pockets as well.


A line of colorful matching neck- and armwarmers is made of the same blend. The neckwarmer has a drawstring at one end, so that it can be used in multiple ways — hat or balaclava being the most obvious.



Don’t worry, this rather loud shirt is a baselayer, the Ultralight. The waffle-like weave arranges the threads so that the moisture-wicking white part lays against the skin, and the evaporative black part pulls the sweat away.

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