Issue 006 of Will Be Here Soon!

We’re excited to report that the newest issue of is at the printer, and will shortly arrive – ready for you to dig in with some quality reading!

We’ve curated a great crop of content this issue! Get ready to read what Nikki Harris thinks will help grow cyclocross in the United Kingdom, and check out Harlan Price’s report from the Grinduro event in California, a unique event that mixes cyclocross, mountain bike enduro and a road gran fondo.

You’ll also get to check out columns that focus on coaching, the proper beer for after rides, how to true a wheel and some recipes to liven up your water bottle. Karen Brooks reports on the Philadelphia Cyclocross School that’s teaching kids how to properly cyclocross, and we also check out Hodala – a very unique cyclocross team.

There’s also some good gravel and adventure content in issue 006. Our friend Jim Clarkson recounts his adventure around the Wealdon Dome, and Jon Parker offers up some stunning views from the Gower Peninsula.

Bike tests? Yep! Read reviews of the Kona Private Jake, Niner BSB RDO 9, Specialized Diverge and a kid’s bike from Islabikes. We also have a couple of wheelsets and some tubeless tyres that we put through the ringer.

And just to whet your appetite, here’s a little clip from Robert Grunau’s story about Hodala.

My first experience of Hodala – the infamous Seattle team of singlespeeders – was a hand-up, a waffle hand-up. I reached for the outstretched treat just before turn three in my first ’cross race. For three laps I passed up on the various items being held over the tape, and received heckles, so this time I decided to go for it, not realising the waffle was slathered in syrup. The next year I held out for the dollar bills. I picked up three that year – on two laps nonetheless – one of which came from the unzipped fly of the giver’s pants. Lacking pockets, and needing both hands to execute the turn, I put the dollar bill into my mouth, a gross move for sure, but one that elicited cheers and raised beers from the crew.


Here’s an important bit of information about Hodala: They were a have-fun-beer-drinking ‘team’ back when other teams were making suffer faces, and posting photos with the contrast boosted. Speaking of that ubiquitous brand, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that they are, at least in part, responsible for the creation of Hodala, a group that has at times been branded as ‘thugs’. But first, the mystical version of Hodala’s genesis.

So check back here next week, and the shop to get your copy. We’ll also post here when it’s ready to go!


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