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We’re happy to say that issue 007 is finished, and on its way to the printer. We are particularly stoked for this issue, as it’s full of awesomeness. We’re sure you’ll agree.

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What, exactly, can you expect in issue 007? Here’s a very quick tease:

With issue 007 of, we’ll turn our drop bar bikes off the cyclocross course, and transition them to getting out and exploring the road less travelled.  We’ll take some bicycle adventure is all corners of the world, and we’ll learn what we should be doing, and what it’s like, during the non-cyclocross season. Additionally, we’ll give a tip of the helmet to the legacy of Sven, and give a wink to James Bond.

The Kannibaal – The 2015/2016 season is the victory lap for Sven Nys. Oliver Townsend celebrates the Kannibaal from Baal, while Casey Robertson provides a breathtaking illustration of the most important cyclocross racer that ever rode through the mud. issue 007 Sven Nys

Road Trip to the Alps – Burning calories and learning the gritty way through the Alps on a cyclocross bike. Michael Burdon and a couple of friends set off on a unique adventure through the alps on a type of bicycle not typically ridden there. Stunning photography accompany this tale of adventure. issue 007 'Crossing the Alps

A Rouleur in America – Henri Manders, from the Netherlands, won a stage of the Tour de France in 1985…the brutal stage that finished in Roubaix that year.  In 2014, Henri suffered a stroke, and his doctors told him to take it easy. So what did he do? He set off for a solar-powered electric-assist bicycle tour of the United States, of course. Ted Burns shares this touching story. issue 007 - Henri Manders

Rated: Ridley X-Trail – We take a ride…several rides…atop the first gravel/adventure offering from the Belgian king of cyclocross bikes, Ridley Bikes. issue 007 - Ridley X-Trail

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