Cannondale Slate Recall

Cannondale Slate Safety Notice

Cannondale has issued a safety notice on the wheelset that comes as standard with its new Slate all road gravel/tarmac/gnarrmac bike. Details from the Cannondale site show that users are having issues with the standard wheelset when being run as tubeless – issues such as the tyre not staying attached. Which is quite an issue.

Cannondale is offering replacement wheelsets for those users who are running them tubeless, but making it noted that if users are running it tubes, there is no issue to worry about.

With the reality being pretty clear over the weekend with the number of punctures seen at events such as the Dirty Reiver – running a bike like the Slate in its non-tubeless form is probably not what most people are going to do. So this recall is probably one you’re going to want to make if you’re a Slate owner, or were considering getting one.

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