WTB KOM i23 Wheels & Nano 40 40c Tyres

Received: WTB KOM i23 Wheels & Nano 40c Tyres

The WTB KOM series of rims has proven quite popular with the mountain bike crowd. Available in a variety of widths and sizes, they’re plenty adaptable…especially the 29″ version…for 700c purposes on drop barred bikes.

WTB KOM i23 Wheels & Nano 40 40c Tyres

WTB sent us a pair of its KOM i23 rims laced up to Shocker hubs. These 32-hole aluminum hoops tip the scales at a very respectable 440 grams, and have an internal diameter of…wait for it…23mm. And since they were originally made for mountain bikes, you know they should handle your off-road adventures with ease.

WTB KOM i23 Wheels & Nano 40 40c Tyres

The WTB Nano 40c tyres were a hit the moment they were announced a couple of years ago. The TCS versions here are tubeless ready, and…let’s just say tubeless is a dream on the rough roads we love so much. The tyres weigh in at 530 grams, but they are durable…and they roll quite nicely.

WTB KOM i23 Wheels & Nano 40 40c Tyres

We’ll be putting this wheel and tyre combination through its paces over the next several weeks, and we’ll report back with a full Rated review then.

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  1. madhatter1 says:

    Any ideas on where to get WTB Nano 40 c TCS tyres – never seem to be able to find any in the UK

  2. @madhatter1 – WTB is distributed by ourselves in the UK (Hotlines Europe) and the rims and tyres are available via all good Cycle Shops – http://www.hotlines-uk.com/wtb-nano-race-cyclo-cross-tyrehttp://www.hotlines-uk.com/wtb-kom-i-23-tcs-rim-2016

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