Gevenelle jockey wheels
Gevenelle jockey wheels

Gevenalle return with ‘cross specific pulley wheels

Every now and then, we receive a press release that causes us to raise an eyebrow. I’m not going to lie, this was one of those occasions for me. Read on to see whether you agree.

Gevenalle have carved out a nice little niche in the drop-barred riding world. The company was originally named Retroshift, after their first product a nifty friction/indexed shift lever. While not everyone’s cup of tea, they won plaudits for their reliability and ease of servicing. Since then, they appear to have gone from strength to strength, now offering aftermarket cassettes, derailleurs and other bits and bobs.

Gevenelle jockey wheels

Now, to add to that small but well chosen, product range, Gevenalle are releasing the world’s first cyclocross specific derailleur pulley wheels. “Thank goodness! Just what I needed,” we’ve heard no one cry. Think beyond the immediate, ‘huh?’ and there are some genuine reasons why this might be a better idea than it seems at first glance. We all know that ‘cross is tough on components. Mud and grit act as a grinding paste, pressure washers push grease out of where it should be, then we expect our components to perform when we need it most and crunch through gears unsympathetically.

A typical road jockey wheel is built for low rolling resistance, and light weight. Both handy for ‘cross, but the marginal benefits are probably outweighed by those gained by something a little more durable and reliable. Gevenalle have decided to take a sideways look at the spinning parts of your rear mech and create something better suited for the rigours of ‘cross.

Gevenelle jockey wheels

In their own words, they have “designed the jockey wheels in collaboration with bearing specialist Kogel, the CX Pulley Set utilizes machined alloy jockey wheels and element proof double seals. The result is a component that will not only perform better for longer, but also provide ongoing savings by enabling users to service the pulleys and replace the seals as needed.”

“Pulleys are a critical point in your drivetrain and if they fail it is generally catastrophic to both your derailleur and your race. We collaborated with Kogel Bearings of Germany as we felt they had the most advanced pulleys on the market. The jockey wheels are alloy not plastic for longer life in the dirt. Bearing seals are tough and very close tolerance and while they have a touch more resistance than a clean road pulley they will run smoother than a dirty road pulley so it is a win win. On top of the seals are two more machined alloy cover plates to further protect the bearings and of course fitting with the Gevenalle philosophy they are both serviceable and covered by our no questions asked re-build program.”

Gevenalle mech and jockey wheels

The jockey wheels are available separately and are compatible with Shimano derailleurs. They also work with Gevenalle’s own Burd rear mech, and will be available to buy as a package. Price for the jockeys is a not inconsiderable $69, so it will be interesting to see how well they last and whether the initial outlay is worth the investment.

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