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New Disc Brake From Yokozuna USA

As more and more cyclocross, gravel and road bikes turn towards disc brakes for stopping duties, there are gradually more options becoming available on the market for riders willing to make the jump from rim brake systems. There are, of course, solid options from well established players such as SRAM, TRP and Shimano, all of which we have plenty of experience with here at Grit.

However, there appears to be a new kid on the block.

yokozuna disc brake cyclocross road hydraulic mechanical

Yokozuna USA has just announced it will be producing a disc brake called the Motoro, and it looks very interesting indeed. Photo: Yokozuna USA Facebook Page.

You may be familiar with the Yokozuna name when it comes to the US company’s high-end gear and brake cable systems. Using compression-less housing, Yokozuna’s cables are regarded as some of the best on the market whether you’re using rim or disc brakes. Yokozuna also produce brake pads too, but the Motoro is the company’s first venture into producing an actual brake system itself; rim, disc or otherwise.

Details are pretty scant at the moment, and all we’ve got are a couple of images and some info from the Yokozuna Facebook page. From what we can tell, the Motoro will be a hydraulic disc brake that uses cable actuation, much like the popular TRP HY/RD brake. The advantage of this design is that the Motoro is able to be used with existing mechanical STI brake/shifter levers. However, it adds in twin-piston hydraulic power and modulation to offer a performance advantage over full mechanical disc brakes. Or at least, that’s the theory.

yokozuna disc brake cyclocross road hydraulic mechanical

Compared to the TRP HY/RD disc brake, the Motoro appears to be quite a lot more compact in its overall shape and size. We have little information in regards to weight or pricing, but will keep you updated with info as we get it. In the meantime, check out the word directly from Yokozuna;

MOTOKO: The reliability of good ol’ steel cables with the advantage of hydraulics. We don’t see this as a compromise as much as the best of bolt technologies for some types of riding. Road, CX, and especially touring. We collaborated with an up-and-coming brake designer/manufacturer in Taiwan for the Motoko and are pretty stoked about it.” – Yokozuna

Keep an eye out on yokozunausa.com for more information as it comes!

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  1. halfbike says:

    I saw a pair of these in the wild at the weekend and they look great.

    There’s a bit more info about them on their website: http://www.yokozunausa.com/morodibr.html

  2. foxtrot15 says:

    Looks exactly the same as the join tech r1 brake that’s been knocking around for a while

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