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Isla Bikes Rolls Out New Rubber

British bike company Isla Bikes already makes some killer kids cyclocross race bikes, and its looking to expand on its product range with a new line of tyres. New from Isla Bikes is the Gréim (pronounced ga-rhyme meaning ‘grip’ in Scots Gaelic) Pro Cyclo-cross tyre. While it’s designed primarily for Isla Bikes own range, you’ll be able to fit these tyres to any bike, and there’s a range of sizes to choose from.

isla bikes cyclocross tyre tire cross

Gum walls FTW!

“With limited tyre choices available for children from existing brands, Islabikes have designed their own dedicated Cyclo-cross tyre. The tread pattern includes a closely-spaced centre line section to reduce rolling resistance on hard pack, with carefully scaled and spaced aggressive side knobs for effective mud shedding and excellent grip in corners. The 185 TPI casing on a folding Kevlar bead incorporates skinwall technology giving a smooth and supple ride at lower pressures.” – Isla Bikes

The Gréim Pro tyres will retail at £34.99 per tyre and are available in three sizes:

  • 24×1.18 (30-507) – 260g
  • 26×1.22 (31-559) – 300g
  • 700-32c (32-622) – 340g
isla bikes cyclocross tyre tire cross

Proper tread pattern for intermediate grip.

Alternatively, the same tread pattern as the Gréim Pro can be found on the Gréim. Retailing at £19.99 per tyre, these feature a lower thread count at 72 TPI, a wire bead and a Kevlar belt for added puncture protection and will also be available in:

  • 24×1.18 (30-507) – 360g
  • 26×1.22 (31-559) – 390g
  • 700-32c (32-622) – 440g
isla bikes cyclocross tyre tire cross

Got some budding gravel-hungry groms who have a penchant for smooth and supple high-TPI tyre casings? This be your rubber of choice/

“Joining the Gréim and Gréim Pro is a new line of Islabikes tyres called Réidh (pronounced ree meaning ‘smooth’ in Scots Gaelic). Now spec’d as standard on Rothan, Cnoc and Beinn models, the tyres are designed to perform on a wide range of surfaces. They include puncture protection, thanks to a Kevlar belt, and reflective sidewalls for increased visibility and safety when riding at night.” – Isla Bikes

isla bikes cyclocross tyre tire cross gravel

Tyres will be priced at £14.99 for the 12”- 20” and £19.99 for the 24”- 26”.

16” and 20” versions of the Réidh are also available in a Pro spec priced at £29.99 per tyre.

All tyres are available to order now from:

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