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Giant TCX SLR1 1 2

Received: Giant TCX SLR1

You know a sport has become pretty mainstream when the worlds biggest (near enough) manufacture has a whole specific range of bikes. Giant’s TCX SLR 1 certainly looks the part, will it fit the bill?

Pro lite Antero XC wheels un boxed 0

Received: Pro-Lite Antero XC wheels

More wheels hit the grit test bench – this time we’ll re-purpose these 29er race wheels from Pro-Lite for cross and other #dirtydropbargoodness. How will the Antero XC’s stand the testing time?


#DOACC – The ‘cross commute

Sub-urban living, Urban working and #dirtydropbargoodness – can they co exist? Well, our resident cross couple seem to have found a way.