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Ridden: Mud tyre review – an intro

issue 1 of the digital magazine has a full mud tyre test, In the meantime, you can check out our first thoughts on a selection of this rough condition rubber.


Bart Wellen’s new Ridley X-Night

Ahead of the 2014/15 race season, the pro's are beginning to show of their latest toys - we grabbed this from Bart Wellens social media - Check it out and let us know what you think.

Gallery: Summer Series racing

Before the real season gets underway, summer CX series pop up around the country. We went over to Addington Park, Croydon to enjoy some evening racing.

Ridden: Fulcrum Racing 5 CX

Few companies produce dedicated CX wheels, but Fulcrum's Racing 5 CX’s are 2nd-gen mud plugging hoops. After a couple of rides, we’ve got a pretty good idea how they’re shaping up.

BMC Crossmachine CX01

BMC are known for road and burly trail mountain bikes with unique looks, but they used to make cross bikes too. For 2015, they’ve just decided to bring back the Crossmachine.

GT Grade

The GT Grade claims to be a whole lot more: big tyre clearance, super fun geometry, disc brakes, and a thru axle fork. But how different is it, and does it matter?



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