Specialized Crux shoulder freindly top tube detail
Specialized Crux shoulder freindly top tube detail

Received: Specialized Crux Frameset

Everyone loves bright and shiny new stuff, and one such product has just hit the workshop ready for testing.

The Specialized Crux frameset, available from Specialized for £800


Specialized’s Crux frameset is their full race bred, E5 aluminium frame, complete with disc mounts and a dedicated, tapered steerer disc fork. We’ll be building this up just as soon as the groupset arrives, and will be a test bed for a whole heap of products over the coming season. Keep an eye out for the first Ridden review as soon as its out of the workshop, and a full blown Rated report after we’ve spent a few months finding its – and our – limits on the race circuit and longer rides in the hills.

For now though, enjoy the gallery.

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3 Responses

  1. alichant says:

    Love what they’ve done with the graphics. Very European.

  2. bikeandy61 says:

    Looks fun. Very Cube! As much as I’d like it I do wonder how long it would be before I got it repeated.

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