Received: Gevenalle drive train parts

A box of drivetrain components has just landed, from across the pond from the goats at Gevenalle.


Using a multiple hit combo of thinking different and engineering magic the guys at Gevenalle offer a simple shifting solution unlike other mainstream options from the bigger brands.

Taking existing components and combining with parts designed and made in Portland USA, Gevenalle produce Shifters, front and rear derailleurs, cassettes and cassette spacers…all tweaked and improved for cycloross use and also suited to allroad bikes/mixed surface drop bar bicycle riding.

GEVENALLE CX2 shifters (double front & 10speed rear) $189/£118.03


GEVENALLE front derailleur (braze on) $49/£30.60

GEVENALLE BURD rear derailleur (with ultegra pulleys) $69/£43.09

GEVENALLE HOUP cassette spacer & lockring (10speed) $20/£12.49

And that is what I am going to do…fit the parts to my bike and ride back and forth over the hills to and fro’ work, splashing through puddles, long rides on this and that, here and there and general hooning around on mixed terrain…and a race or two.

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11 Responses

  1. chipps says:

    That’s certainly a different way of going about it. Wonder how the shifting compares to, say, bar-end shifters in ease of use?

    • john says:

      Tried them for a while when they were Retroshift. Couldn’t get on with them at all; felt like I was having to dislocate my wrists to shift. Possibly my small delicate hands though 🙁

  2. alexsimon says:

    I see they also do a hydraulic version – interesting!

  3. thomthumb says:

    Who brings this to the uk? I can’t seem to find anyone selling…

  4. goats says:

    Chips – We like to think that ease of use (and downright reliability) are superior attributes of bar-end shifters and hence why it is no surprise to see them in our system. Usage however is quite different, best way to see is to look here:

    John – This is a bit of a love hate product. Then again so are shifters in general (some love Campy, hate SRAM, others might love SRAM and hate Shimano etc). Please oh god I hope we don’t start a Campy vs Shimano debate! We used to use Shimano bar-ends which while superbly built are very clunky in use and were not a best match with our system. Our latest custom made bar-ends (done for us by Microshift) are much lighter action and noticeable easier to shift. We doubt there is any problem with your hands as we have had even 12 year old girls racing at Nationals with the system, then again they are KICK ASS riders and could probably beat most men in an arm wrestle! Younger riders in general have appeared to have little issue with hand size. Photo of Jr. rider (but actually races in A’s)

    This is also his younger brother!:

    Alex – Yes but demand has outstriped supply horribly! We do hope to have more in next month.

    Thomthumb – No UK distributor at present but there is a UK bike brand looking at possibly spec’ing for next year so it will all likely happen in time We have a distributor in Germany who ships to most of EU but we happily can ship direct to UK. Shipping is $15 but you will likely get hit with some duty.



  5. Gevenalle’s approach to shifting is reliable and easy to use. I’m currently running the CX Hydraulics and I couldn’t be happier.

  6. I love this system for the Cross and Gravel bikes myself. Easy to use, clean, and maintain. In multiple CX races I’ve seen a ton of broken rear ders, hangers, wheels, ect from road derailleurs just getting gummed up and failing; this has never been a problem with my Gevenalle BURD. I am on the hoods 90% of the race anyway, so shifting is as easy as it gets; indexing perfectly in my 9 and 10 speed setups. Really guys; this stuff is legit.

  7. sbushnel says:

    I ride gear HARD, and I couldn’t be happier with the ease of set up, the functionality of shifters/ drive train, and improved shifting characteristics NOT offered by the big brands. I’ve previously 86’d two right ‘durrace’ shifters from excessive mud buildup. Once those shifters get any grit in them, they’re toast. The Gevenalle shifters avoid that by running a clean indexed shifting system.

    I think the ease of riding is the biggest draw to them. You can upshift/down shift ALL gears w/ one movement. Need a quick shift for a down-up, check, need to dump gears for a sharp downhill, check. Ride through mud and expect it to work for you, check check check.

    I think most fit complaints have to do with the placement of the hoods on bars. I run a shorter stem with these shifters than I do with ‘durrace’ as my hands are farther forward on the hoods to enable shifting. That said, riding on the hoods is far more comfortable for cyclocross than any previous shifter that I’ve tried.

  8. maddog says:

    I’ve been a Gevenalle fan from the start. I love the shifting flexibility it provides during cross races. I can go from my easiest to hardest and visa versa in one continuous throw of the lever. I’ve had the shifters on my bike for two cross seasons with no issues. Love them!

  9. oliverracing says:

    Can the shifters be run in friction mode? I’m in the process of building a bike that will be taking multiple wheelsets, some with 9 speed cassettes an some with 10 speed, I’ve tried it with shimano bar end shifters (nativeley 9 speed) and it worked great but would prefer to have them ease on these!

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