Received: Koolstop Aero Kool disc brake pads






We picked up a few sets of Koolstop’s Aero Kool brake pads for test.

Kool Stop Re2

With brake overheating a possibility many disc brake users – and the brake curious – are thinking about, these air-cooled pads claim to fight the issue by acting as a heat sink for the temperatures raised during retardation. We’re very interested to see how the Sticklebrick style pads perform; both as a temperature control, but also as a stand alone organic material brake pad.

Will the extra 4-6g per pair be worth it? Will they collect crud? Will they be worth the £29.99 per pair.

Keep an eye out for our Ridden story in a week or so, and a full Rated test in the next few months.

check the Koolstop website for more details.



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