Received: Rolf Prima VCX Disc wheels

With their Paired Spoke technology, Rolf Prima’s wheels have always been eye catching, and these VCX Disc wheels keep up that tradition.

Rolf Prima disc1

Minimal spoke count not only reduces weight (claimed at 1695g [795g/900g), but allegedly ‘neutralizes the left and right outward pulling forces allowing us to build true wheels on lighter rims with fewer spokes’ (sic). A bold claim indeed, and time on the trails and race tracks will certainly test out the theory.  33mm deep and 22/17mm (external / internal) aluminium rims mean they are wider than an old school rim, but not as wide as some, so tyre profile is likely to be pretty reasonable, even with larger volume. Another potential stand out detail is the titanium freehub body – no lightweight alloy body here to get gouged out by cassettes.
At £799/ pair they are at the upper echelons of alloy wheel territory, so we have high expectations of the VCX discs, so keep an eye out for the Ridden and Rated stories in the coming weeks and months.

Details at Rolf’s website.


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