Stan's NoTubes Valor CX

Received: Stan’s NoTubes Valor CX

Stan’s NoTubes claims its new ZTR Valor CX wheels are the most advanced wheels they’ve ever built. These carbon fiber goodies are disc-only and tubeless, of course. These wheels are said to deliver a more compliant ride than aluminum rims, which can be quite harsh…especially on rough courses. Yet the wheels should be strong enough to handle the most rugged courses.

While we didn’t get them on the scales just yet, they do feel quite light as they were liberated from the box.

Pricing on these guys will be: £1600 / €2299 / $1900



Stan's NoTubes Valor CX

We’ll be riding these hoops during races, training rides and some off-road riding for the next few months. Keep your eye out for a longer review in the print version of the magazine!

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2 Responses

  1. tripster67 says:

    Are they likely to be available as a rim only in the future? I’m sure the hubs are pretty good, but nice to have options…

  2. jeff says:

    According to Paligap Ltd., the UK distributor for Stan’s, “Carbon rims are only available in a fully built wheel from NoTubes. There is no rim only option.”

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