Received: Forme Hooklow 1

Gravel bike, adventure bike, all road, any road… and now multi route. That’s a lot of marketing terms for a little niche of bikes that sit between a ‘cross machine and a road bike.

The Hooklow is Forme’s vision of a multi route bike. It sports clearance for up to 40cc tyres, mounts for racks and guards, as well as de-rigour disc brakes and a wide ratio single ring set up. It also sports more relaxed geometry than a typical ‘cross bike, and a lower bottom bracket for a stable and predictable ride.

Forme Hooklow

The Hooklow 1 is actually sits at the top of the Forme range, despite a modest price tag of £1099.99 – which brings it tantalisingly close to the £1000 limit that many companies set for their Bike to Work Scheme.

Forme Hooklow 1 - Multi route

On paper at least, your grand and a bit goes a long way, including a full SRAM Rival 1X11 groupset.

Forme Hooklow Rival SRAM

The alloy frame/carbon forked bike looks versatile enough that it could be used for the commute throughout the week, yet easily be pressed into touring, light off-road riding or even the occasional ‘cross race come the weekend.

Forme Hooklow

I will be using the Hooklow for all of the above, as well as hitting the ‘Yorkshire Gravel’ – also known as mud – in coming weeks. Stay tuned for my thoughts on how the Hooklow performs.

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