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POC Octal

Received: POC Octal

There is no missing this latest Poc Helmet thats just hit the grit.cx test bench. The Zinc orange is brighter that any photo can attest to!


Received: Giant TCX SLR1

You know a sport has become pretty mainstream when the worlds biggest (near enough) manufacture has a whole specific range of bikes. Giant’s TCX SLR 1 certainly looks the part, will it fit the bill?


Received: Shand Stoater

Belt Drive, Rohloff, hand made, steel. It may be niche central with this latest arrival from Shand, but will it offer plenty in the real world?


Received: Engineered Zondag

An Italian made, british designed cyclocross race bike? Oh go on then. This understated rig has just arrived for a serious run through the grit.cx test mill.

the Ridley X-Fire 10 disc gets delivered 2

Received: Ridley X-Fire 10 disc

Our first test bike from the heartland of cross, Belgium, just arrived. To say we’re excited about throwing this Ridley X-Fire Disc 10 down the trails is an understatement